The Team


Noah Liebman

me_skabandNoah is a second-year HCI master’s student at the University of Michigan School of Information. Although he enjoys designing — and criticizing — user experiences on screen, he wanted to try his hand at designing a physical surface. A sound-for-theatre guy from fifth through twelfth grade, he decided to rekindle his interest in audio by instigating this project.

Michael Nagara

MeSMith3Michael is a second-year PI master’s student (who has taken exclusively HCI courses over the past semester) at the University of Michigan School of Information. Already a professional visual artist (MFA 2003) with an interest in physical artifacts and materiality, he was attracted to the Sound Experience project by the opportunity to build a THING composed of something other than computer data and to try out usability and interface in a more physical context.

Jacek Spiewla

jsJacek is a second-year HCI Master’s student at U-M School of Information and works full-time as a DSP/audio validation engineer. His main interests include music composition interfaces – from hardware design to software prototyping. Check out another project he worked on, GroupLoops.

Erin Zolkosky

erz_profilepicErin is a first-year HCI master’s student at University of Michigan’s School of Information who has returned to school after working in web maintenance and development for several years. She was drawn to this project by the the opportunity to design a physical surface in a challenging new domain.

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