Hi-Fi Scenario


Phil sets the board back to cue 0 (top of show) after finishing Tuesday night’s performance of “Mick: the Musical”, and shuts down for the night.

The next day Phil comes in, in plenty of time to prep for today’s Wednesday night performance.  He turns the Console on and goes through the sound check.  Everything seems to check out.  Then before he knows it, it‘s showtime, so he hits the “Go” button at the first cue and the show is on.

As he is advancing through cues , Phil notices that actor Don in role “Bob” sounds off tonight; he must have a cold. He wants to adjust Don’s EQ to make him sound better, so he begins by hitting the already present EQ effect button of Don’s channel strip.

Phil modifies the EQ curve by selecting filter buttons at the top of the EQ effect display and then pulling on the sound curve on the touch screen, or adjusting the knobs to the right of the console surface.

In doing this, Phil has modified Don’s preset. At this point, he does not actively save the modified preset, as he wants to pay attention to advancing to the next cue in the performance.  The sound board’s system, however, automatically saves his work on this preset as “Don Standard (1)   .”

 He clicks “Use in Current Cue” and the modified EQ panel is applied to the current cue.  Phil closes the EQ adjustment panel, which takes him back to the channel strips  , and then continues to advance through the cues by pushing the “Go” button.

He then realizes that the change he made to Don’s EQ will need to be applied to future cues in the performance.  Phil changes the performance operation mode from “Live” to “Blind.”  After he enters Blind Mode, he taps the cue timeline to go back to the cue in which he modified Don’s EQ.  When he selects the cue he wants, the board reverts to the state it was in during that cue

Phil taps the EQ area of Don’s channel strip , then taps “Apply Preset To…”, which brings up the “Apply Preset To” screen. Meanwhile, the board continues to run the show in the background, and Phil can continues to hit “Go” to advance cues – he feels comfortable doing this because he is “off book”. Any changes Phil makes to the board while in blind mode do not affect the current cue in the performance.

.  The screen has been pre-populated with filtered results that show which cues, channels, actors, roles, groups, and effects the preset “Don Standard (1)” is applied to.  In the filtered list of cues, Phil selects the future cues to which he wants to apply the EQ preset. When he is done selecting the cues, Phil taps “Apply” and closes the “Apply Preset To…” screen and then the EQ adjustment screen by hitting the red X in the top right corner of the screen.  Phil changes the mode from Blind to Live mode to display the current cue state on the board.

Phil goes back to advancing cues through to the end of another Wednesday night performance  of “Mick: the Musical”.
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