Our Approach


The Sound Experience group plans to advance into contextual inquiry, starting with interviews of our identified primary stakeholder group “audio professionals for whom mixing consoles are the centerpiece of their equipment”, at the soonest possible moment. Plans are already advancing for an initial interview Thursday September 24, 2009, with ongoing efforts to concretely identify amenable audio professionals for interview at the soonest possible moment.

Each interview will be followed, within 48-hours, by note taking and coordination sessions to unify group understanding of interview material and do incremental generation of notes. The contextual inquiry will culminate in the creation of an affinity diagram including selection of affinities from within extant coordination session notes into yellow notes, yellow note selection, grouping, and markup and classification into pink and green, higher level organizer affinity notes.

Based upon affinity diagraming and subsequent feedback on affinities, we will refine our initial problem and solution ideas, and these findings will be coordinated into an initial set of personas and use case scenarios.

After a subsequent round of feedback on the personas, scenarios, and the problem and solution definitions deployed therein, we will perform an initial round of low-fi prototyping in paper or rapid visualization software.

This is to be followed by further feedback and group convergence toward the design of a hi-fi prototype, most likely in higher resolution software with some functionality or possibly a physical prototype. Finally after feedback on the hi-fi prototype the group will do a further round of refining based on feedback on the hi-fi prototype and prepare for final presentation of the project artifact.

Without making any commitments, there is strong interest within the group for a tactile, physical prototype to emerge by the final presentation stage.

Sound Experience Group Covenant

Team Members & Contact Info

  • Noah Liebman – nliebman@umich.edu
  • Michael Nagara – kitsune@umich.edu
  • Jacek Spiewla – jacekspi@umich.edu
  • Erin Zolkosky – zolkosky@umich.edu


  • Group will meet Mondays at 7:00 PMin the School of Information Student Lounge (4th Floor West Hall).
  • Milestone Leaders will send agenda the day before (or morning of) meetings, as a reminder.
  • If a team member is 10-minutes late, call or email the entire group (with pre-discussed exemptions for work schedules, etc.)
  • There will be an “Emergency” meeting time available Wednesday 4-6 pm, right before the Wednesday section of SI682.


  • Try to reach consensus
  • If no consensus can be reached, someone declares neutral and a vote is taken.
  • If a team member is absent for three or more meetings without prior authorization they are off the team.


Milestone Leaders will be assigned for each coursework Milestone. The position of Milestone leader will rotate between members for each one, and whoever is the Milestone Leader will be responsible for scheduling, general project initiative, email out significant alterations and to-do list for upcoming meetings, and generating the website page for their Milestone.

  • Milestone 2: Contextual Inquiry (Noah Liebman)
  • Milestone 3: Personas and Scenarios (Erin Zolkosky)
  • Milestone 4: Low-Fi Prototype (Michael Nagara)
  • Milestone 5: Hi-Fi Prototype (Jacek Spiewla)
  • Final Presentation (EVERYONE!)

If a team member realizes they may not be able to complete a task they had agreed to perform, they should communicate to the team no later than 48 hours before the task is due and suggest other arrangements for completing the task.

Calendar & Information Sharing

  • Group members will share Google calendars to keep networked on timing and dates.
  • Everyone will check their e-mail twice a day, and respond within 24 hours when necessary.
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